Tamkeen Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd. is a fastest growing company located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, actively involved in Manufacturing project development, Industrial trading and Retail merchandising for the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets.


Tamkeen Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd. is wholly Saudi owned company, founded in the year 2000 with the vision to enable Industries, Technology, Product and people and to be successful in top Business sectors such as trading, manufacturing and service industries throughout Kingdom.


Tamkeen Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd. Classifies as innovative market leader on various businesses of different divisions/sectors such as:



Industrial Trading & Services

Technology Agencies

Building and security solutions

Retail merchandizing (Fashion, Food & Beverage)

and Other Affiliates...


Tamkeen being No. 1 in the Professional, Scientific & Tech Services aims to keep up its reputation by delivering its customers, partners, employees with high quality services/products, mutual trust and dedicate the achievement to the enabler of Tamkeen.


Tamkeen High growth is rate attributed to its centralized system.